Power of Vastu to Transform Negative Energy into Positivity

In our daily lives, the balance between negative and positive energies plays a crucial role. There are moments when negativity surrounds us, affecting our thoughts and actions. During such challenging times, it becomes imperative to cultivate positive energy, and one effective way to achieve this is by embracing Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra, an age-old facet of the Indian system, has been revered for centuries. This ancient science is dedicated to creating a harmonious and positive vibrational atmosphere within our homes and surroundings. Its guidelines encompass altering our attitudes, revitalizing the energies in our living spaces, maintaining healthy relationships, and more.

Considering that our homes are the primary spaces where we spend a significant portion of our lives, it is essential to foster an environment that encourages relaxation, rejuvenation, and rest. Adhering to Vastu principles aimed at infusing positive energy can help dispel negativity from our homes, offices, and lives, addressing issues related to finance, career, emotions, and personal well-being. Here are some Vastu techniques that can serve as your secret weapons in promoting positivity:

Power of Vastu
Vastu direction

The Purifying Power of Salt Therapy

Salt, a versatile element, can also be harnessed to eliminate negative energy from your surroundings. It acts as a natural cleanser, effectively removing negativity. Placing a bowl of sea salt in dimly lit corners or spaces without direct natural light can absorb negative energy over 48 hours.

Utilizing a pinch of sea salt while cleaning the floors (except on Thursdays) is a practical way to clear negative energy from your home or workplace. Another method involves taking a pinch of salt, moving it over an affected person’s head three times, and then discarding the salt outside. For your office, place salt in a red cloth, believed to ward off the evil eye and potentially enhance business prosperity.

The Art of Rearrangement

When a room or space feels burdened with negative energy, consider a simple rearrangement instead of replacing everything within it. Professionals recommend rearranging furniture and objects in a way that facilitates the smooth flow of positive energy.

Welcome Positivity with a Clean Entrance

A well-maintained and inviting entrance not only eradicates negative energy but also leaves a lasting impression on guests. Enhance your entrance with small plants, flowers, and decorative items. You can use a mixture of white vinegar, lemon juice, and salt to clean windows and doorknobs.

The entrance of your home is the gateway through which energy flows into the rest of the house. A beautifully decorated entrance will attract positive vibes.

Harmonizing with Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are believed to be effective tools for warding off negative energy from your home or office. Their melodic tinkling is thought to disrupt the flow of negativity, promoting positivity.

Embrace the Flow of Fresh Air and Sunlight

Maintaining proper air circulation and allowing natural sunlight into your home is vital for fostering positive energy. Even during the cold winter months, ensure that fresh air enters your living spaces. Sunlight and fresh air, being natural gifts, are invaluable for infusing positivity into your home.

Utilize the Energizing Properties of Lemons

Placing lemons in a jar of water helps keep negative energy at bay. Remember to replace the water every Saturday to ensure this technique remains effective.

Harness the Power of Pictures, Symbols, and Idols

Incorporate religious items such as idols, pictures, paintings, pyramid yantras, and other sacred symbols to ward off negative energy. Ensure that your puja room is located in the North-East direction, aligning with Vastu Shastra principles. Strategically placing symbols like elephants in certain areas can amplify the influx of positive energy. The resonating sounds of cymbals and bells can dispel stagnant and negative energies.

Reciting mantras or playing them on audio devices helps counterbalance negative energies. Additionally, consider seeking guidance from experts to employ Yantra and Mantra practices, further aiding in eliminating bad energies. Techniques such as Reiki, angel meditation, and neo-spiritual methods can also contribute to the removal of negative vibes.

Crystals and Colors for Energy Transformation

Utilize crystals like black tourmaline and amethyst to eliminate negative vibrations from your surroundings. Colors play a pivotal role in the energies within a room, with each color carrying specific attributes. Vastu Shastra highlights the importance of choosing appropriate colors for different directions within your home.

Declutter for Positive Energy

In the quest for positive energy, it’s essential to minimize clutter. A serene and uncluttered living space attracts positive vibrations and maintains harmony.

Embrace Nature with Indoor Plants

Plants are known for their positive energy. Introduce the beauty of nature into your home by planting small indoor and outdoor plants that require minimal maintenance. Carefully selecting the right plants and their placement, adhering to Vastu principles, ensures they effectively promote positivity.

Mirrors as Energetic Enhancements

Mirrors not only enhance the spaciousness and brightness of a room but also play a vital role in Vastu Shastra. They reflect positive energy while absorbing negativity. Consulting a professional before deciding on mirror placement is advisable. Placing mirrors to face the main entrance or reflecting the bed in the bedroom is discouraged, according to Vastu guidelines.

Aromas for Positive Vibes

To combat negative energy in your home, introduce fragrant aromas that refresh the air. You can use aromatic oil diffusers or create fresh flower arrangements to enhance the room’s positive energy.

The Magic of a Clean and Tidy Home

Regularly cleaning your home is essential for removing negative energy. Not only does it eliminate dust and germs, but it also fills the room with refreshing fragrances.

Harness the Energy of Agarbattis and Sage

Lighting dhoop and agarbatti (incense sticks) enhances positive vibrations within your home. A daily ritual of moving these incense sticks to every corner of the room helps dispel negative energies and promotes an energetic lifestyle. Burning sage or smudge sticks in an anti-clockwise direction also aids in eliminating negative energy.

Vastu for Bedroom Bliss

The bedroom’s layout and direction have a significant impact on your sleep and overall relaxation. It is advisable to place your bed with the headboard in the East direction, allowing your feet to point West. Placing a piece of rock salt in the corner of the bed can potentially help resolve mental disturbances and conflicts.


To eliminate negative energies from your bathroom, place a cup or glass of salt in both the bathroom and toilet areas. Incorporate paintings in your bedroom, living room, and bathroom that radiate positive vibes and inspiration, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere.