Gangajal (गंगाजल)- Puja Samagri


Gangajal is revered for its spiritual significance and cleansing properties.

Used in various religious ceremonies and Puja, this holy water symbolizes purity, rejuvenation, and the divine blessings of Mother Ganga.

Experience the sacredness of Gangajal as you incorporate it into your puja rituals, purifying your mind, body, and soul.

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River Ganga is the symbol of religion, faith and purity. From ancient traditions, Gangajal (Ganaga water) is used for religious and auspicious works. Whether it’s a birth of a child or death of a person, everyone is purified with Gangajal.

चाहे बच्चाको जन्म होस् या कुनै मानिसको मृत्यु, सबै लाई गंगाजलले सुद्ध बनाइन्छ | धार्मिक र शुभ कार्य को लागि गंगाजल अनिवार्य छ |