Rudree Puja Package ( रुद्री पूजा सामग्री प्याकेज ) 50 + items




Rudree Puja Package by Puzalo is designed to enhance your Rudra Abhishekam experience and ensure that you have all the necessary items to conduct the ritual.


नाेट: नौ ग्रह को लागि छाता, जुत्ता, नौ थरिको टुक्रा कपडा, १ मीटरको बुट्टे कपडा, पानी नरिवल ]


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Rudree Puja, also known as Rudrabhishekam, is a powerful and ancient Vedic ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Exprience transformative puja that leads to inner awakening and divine consciousness. By performing this sacred ceremony, you open pathways to spiritual growth, self-realization, and a deeper understanding of the universe. Chanting of Rudra Mantras during the puja is believed to invoke the presence of Rudra and various other celestial deities. The vibrations generated through the chanting are believed to purify the environment and the participants, leading to spiritual upliftment and inner transformation.

This sacred package includes all the essential puja samagri required to perform the auspicious Rudra Abhishekam

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Includes almost all items needed for performing Rudree Puja as mentioned in books.